Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More on global warming and climate change

I am doing some more research (when I can find the time!) on this vast subject. Just to show how complex it all is, here are two web sites saying different things. One (here) tries to demolish the arguments put forward by Christopher Booker (and, in my opinion does not succeed because, as Booker is accused of leaving things out, so does this critic). The other web site (here) is about Carbon Dioxide and is very much focused on that, with regular scientific reports about what this gas is up to in the ecosystem.

I am looking at some other books as well. At the moment I am still of the opinion that anthropogenic global warming is dangerously wrong. This does not mean that I do not accept that we are living through a time of planet warming and climate change. However, there are still strong arguments being put forward as to why or how this is happening. There was undoubtedly (because it is recorded not only through leaked emails but through recorded conversations) an attempt to get rid of (remove from debate) the medieval warming period, and other facts (such as the 7% warming in Greenland at the height of the Viking civilization, allowing them to grow corn - something now impossible there!). Those who continue to argue that the science is finished are not only arguing against science itself, (nothing is ever "finished") but are simply unaware of the strong arguments being put against the IPCC projections. I continue to investigate.

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