Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Crumbling Church of England. What next?

According to this report there is a rumour that the Archbishop of Canterbury will resign next year. Anglicanism is not necessarily the same as The Church of England, in the sense that if Canterbury becomes less and less important, and the Anglican Church in England becomes smaller - and perhaps divides into more recognizable sister communions (though in virtual schism), Anglicanism can, and probably will, survive, at least for a time. What seems likely is that the Anglicanism of the "South" (mainly but not exclusively Africa) will remain relatively strong whilst the English Church will eventually collapse. What will happen elsewhere, such as in the United States, is not so easily predicted. What puzzles many Catholics, myself included, is how the word "unity" can still be applied to the Anglican Church. Whatever it remains it is certainly not a "communion" if that word is to mean anything more than being nice to each other.

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