Monday, 21 November 2011

Return from Retreat

Here I am with some of the people I met on the TLIG retreat in Toronto. There were 116 of us all together, from the United States, Canada, Greece (!) and England (me). The majority were either Greek Orthodox or Roman Catholic but we also had some Armenian Orthodox Christians. The theme was "Tender Father" and focused on God the Father and the need we all have for a father's love. We had an excellent talk on Orthodox spirituality and one priest (not me) gave a very moving witness about his life which was in two parts, being three hours in all. I told him it was one of the most important talks I had heard from a priest. If he agrees, it will be available to some people on DVD.

After the retreat, which took place over a weekend, I was able to visit Niagara Falls - so here is a photo and a short video of that (the weather was bad and the video has turned everything blue)

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