Saturday, 5 November 2011

Horrific Crash. Are there other questions to be asked?

The story of the horrific pile-up on the M5 last night (Friday 4th November, 2011) can be followed here . One extraordinary feature is that, according to those driving in the wet and foggy conditions, headlights were bouncing back on the cars. This can only mean that something in the atmosphere was reflecting the light back to the drivers. What could that be? I recently read more about the "chem trails" that have been appearing in skies in Europe and the U.S. and this includes military particles (used to reflect radar) have been dropped in different places. Some chemical particles have been scattered in the skies. I have a friend in Wales who has information from someone who "knows" about such things. She once showed me, in the sky above her house, unusual trails in the sky - far too low to be jet streams. It makes me wonder what is in the air above and around us.

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