Monday, 10 October 2011

Unfortunately I saw this coming

The recent attacks against Coptic Christians (Coptic simply means Egyptian) are no surprise. I have only been to Egypt twice, but heard while I was there that Christians are sometimes treated like second-class citizens. This affects both their education and employment. There are some Moslems in Egypt who simply hate Christians. The situation in Alexandria is not as bad as the mood in Cairo. When the so-called "spring" happened I predicted that there would be attacks on Christians. Sure enough, at least two monasteries were attacked by some sections of the army. The attacks were unprovoked and were not reported in many newspapers or on TV news bulletins. More about this below.

Coptic Christians are wonderful people. Those I met were hospitable, friendly and devout. I was in the Cathedral once, and met Pope Shenouda - a great privilege. The monks are amazing, as are the monasteries.

On the reporting of these things, I am increasingly finding the media - especially the TV news channels wanting. More than that, I have begun to wonder if there is an agenda behind the failure to report certain things. It's almost as though facts which disturb the current media view of things are suppressed. This is certainly the case with the Catholic Church in Britain and on the subject of abortion.

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