Saturday, 15 October 2011

"God alone suffices" St. Teresa of Avila

A happy feastday to all my fellow Carmelites, especially OCDS'.

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  1. Thank you Father--that has really made my day! I will e mail you the next dates if you are able to manage, in the meanwhile the Leeds OCDS send their best wishes and prayers. We are thinking of doing a presentation of the Teresan Carmelites in the coming year, giving us plenty of time to unravel and absorb the mysteries of Powerpoint, which really is essential for talks these days, or one off talks I should say. PP is wonderful when it works but can derail the most wonderful of speakers if it goes into a sulk!

    More of that later however, its only an idea at the moment but in view of the hard sell in other
    "Carmelite" situations , we very much need to make our position as Ocds clear , that is that we are not the same as the O Carms , the mitigated branch of Carmel. A very tricky subject! It is indeed very sad that this should be the case, but at the end of the day why did St Teresa fight for the Reform?

    I hope for you wise comments on the way forward for us OCDS

    With prayers ,


    But to St Teresa,I have a book about her published in the 1950's by Marcelle Auclair--an excellent book, I feel quite sorry for all those bishops who tried to fob her off !