Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Latin Missal (3rd Edition -not 1962)

In addition to the new English Missals I received a study edition of the Latin Missal (published 2005). I had to send to America for this because - and I think this is very odd - this Latin Missal is not available in England, Wales or Scotland. Since I searched the Internet under UK I am presuming all these countries are included (and Northern Ireland), but nothing came up for Ireland either. I could have got one from Germany, but that was the full-sized altar missal and it is very expensive. I saw, on Amazon U.S. a very attractive study version for 150. dollars.

I have this idea that since we have the new English translation we ought to have access to the Latin version as well. Not just for study, but in order to occasionally celebrate the Latin Ordinary Form. I did this in the past from time to time (using a paperback missal). I wonder why it is impossible to get a copy of this Latin version in U.K. Of course you could say that the reason is nobody wants it. I wonder about that.


  1. Dear Father Abberton,

    I got mine at Ampleforth two months ago. They had red copies and black copies. The black copy has the Latin translation.

    I also have my old 1961 prayer book which I use at your Latin Mass, and it is interesting to compare the two Latin versions . I also have the 1962 Book of Hours with English and Latin, I still use this for Compline and use my modern book--once I got used to its complicated layout! for the Daily Offices. I have method in my madness,

    With best wishes


  2. The missal I am referring to is not a "hand" missal. It is much bigger than that. It is the reduced in size version of the large modern Latin altar missal. This version is published by Socias which is the publishing arm of Opus Dei in America. I did not want a hand missal but one that is big enough to use at the altar, which this is.

  3. I understand Father, but hopefully peoplewill get the --erm--black version, though I imagine many of our situation will be happy with the English. Sorry to be a bit dim-witted,