Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dana to run as Irish President

Dana - Rosemary Scallon - is making another attempt to be elected President of Ireland. Ireland needs her now more than ever. If it happens it will be something of a miracle considering the spiritual state of Ireland with so many younger Irish men and women no longer practising the Faith in any real sense. Read about it here. Perhaps we should pray for her - and Ireland. I know there have been novenas organised already on Facebook, but perhaps another one - asking for the intercession of Our Lady and St. Patrick - might not be a bad idea.


  1. I've sent this wonderful post over to the ACWB..

  2. 50 to 1 outsider and in my opinion a snowball in hell chance of winning

  3. I don't think that Dana will even get a nomination. She left her entry into the race very late. There is another would be nominee who I hope will not get the support he needs to be a candidate.

    The President is a mainly ceremonial figure who is not engaged in any way in government but who can embody what is best in the values of the people.

  4. Well as a Northern Unionist I can say yes to Dana but a resounding No to Marty.... and it's not because Dana's a better singer! :)

  5. Today's news from Ireland indicates that Dana may, after all, get nominated by four councils. She was the first ever candidate, I think, to take that route for nomination, 14 years ago. The alternative is nomination by 20 members of the Oireachtas, ie, parliament and senate.

    David Norris, who has re-entered the race, is looking for three more members to nominate him while, at the same time, looking for three more councils in addition to the one that has nominated him.

    Maybe if Mr Norris is a candidate people will look at his views more objectively, not see him as a 'victim' of prejudice, and judge that he's not suitable for the job.

    The Fianna Fail party made a colossal mistake in not nominating Brian Crowley, the MEP who really wanted to be president and who is a proven vote-getter, with a solid record in Europe and with strong, positive values. He uses a wheelchair, since his lower body was paralyzed in an accident in his teens. But that doesn't slow him down in the least. Fianna Fail's lack of nerve, after their disastrous defeat in the general election in February, has opened the door for Sinn Fein and Martin McGuinness.

    Dana wouldn't be my first choice - Brian Crowley would have been, had he been a candidate and had I a vote, which I don't have, but I agree totally with Wandering Pilgrim.

  6. If she can be nominated in the shortest time known, who knows what can happen. To be honest she has such faith and truth in everything she says, and from the late late show last night in Ireland she stood out the strongest for everything that Ireland needs and she could deliver it!