Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mozart's "Ave Verum" - one of my favourite pieces of music.

This is one of my favourite pieces of music, and its beauty suggests that the popular image of Mozart - taken perhaps from the play and film, "Amadeus" is seriously flawed. Mozart was so talented he could knock off a lively tune and a complicated piece for piano or woodwind almost as easily as writing a "jingle". This extraordinary work suggests that there was a lot more to Mozart than many people nowadays believe. Don't be surprised if I upload other versions of this!


  1. Thank you father--that is truly beautiful and uplifting. Mozart is one of my favorite composers.Please may I take this opportunity o remind you of the Carmelites on Sunday. I hope your stay and retreat at Pantasaph went well. I hope to go over there before long,both to see Teresa Higginson's grave which isn't too far away, and hopefully see Sister Seraphim at Holywell, near Pantasaph( for anyone not familiar with the locations, all in the North Wales area.)

  2. My wife (who is not a Catholic) had an amazing encounter with this piece recently. God organised it just right, on the day before Corpus Christi. She said she knew it was a prayer even though she heard it at a concert, and she just wanted to be silent afterwards, without even knowing what the words meant. When she found out their meaning afterwards she had a flash of inspiration, and she said to me afterwards, she felt for the first time, 'Maybe this is all true?' The Holy Spirit is at work, and Our Lady's prayers are having their effect!

  3. Anthony,
    Thank you. That is a wonderful story. I shall post another version of it