Thursday, 14 April 2011

When will people listen?

This information (thanks to Anglican Mainstream) confirms fears and forecasts published many years ago when the effects of contraception and abortion first began to be noticed in Canada and one or two other countries. Certain Catholic (so-called) periodicals paid no attention because of their editorial policy with regard to "Humane Vitae". Not only that, but almost every year we had to read dire warnings (again often from Catholics) about over-population. Now, at last there can be no doubt about the disastrous effects of abortion, contraception and the severe limitation of children on western civilization. Of course elderly people will have to work longer, and there is a real danger of euthanasia - even "enforced" euthanasia - because of the inability of societies to provide care and medical help for the elderly infirm. Once a society begins to see children as a means of "personal fulfillment", a fashion accessory, a nuisance, or something you can happily leave aside until you feel like having one, things begin to crumble. Selfishness has consequences and we are not very far from experiencing some of these, especially the inevitable collapse of western materialism.


  1. Assisted dying seems to be in the news lately. One report said the person woke each day to find more pain than pleasure in life and it could only get worse.
    She was not terminally ill.
    With the technology to die peacefully how do we convince people that their lives are precious? The threat of Hell after suicide is nolonger an option.

  2. When a person feels loved and needed, despite their infimity, pain takes on a different meaning. Well, that has been my experience anyway. Pain has purpose for a believer, to a point, at least. I don't talk of unbearable, ongoing pain, as I have not experienced that, yet. I do find contemplating on the stations of the cross helps.
    For a non-believer, living with pain and without love, in this world, I can feel compassion and empathize with them. Philip asks "how do we convince people that their lives are precious? The threat of Hell after suicide is nolonger an option."

    Threatening suicidal sick people with hellfire seldom works, it seems? They are already leading lives of 'quiet desperation'. Maybe we have to learn to love them more and be able to show it, in practical ways. Let them know how precious they are to you and to God.

  3. Thank you Shadowlands.

    I have been following the comments by Father John on another blog and have found them an example of loving courtesy and tolerance.

    Father, there is a lovely painting called THE MISSAL painted in 1902 by John William Waterhouse you may be able to use for a post later in the year. It is online. Not sure about copyright etc.
    If you find out in which UK gallery it can be viewed I would be interested to know.
    Best Wishes