Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A very important (and joyous) occasion

Are Catholics (and other Christians?) showing enough interest in the forthcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton? There seems to be little on the blogs so far; at least, according to the commentary here. There are some important points made in that article. As far as the "official Catholic prayer" is concerned, I have not seen or heard of it until now. I am certainly conscious that we need to have an intention in our weekly bidding prayers. In our society now, any genuine celebration of (Christian) marriage should not only be endorsed by Christians, but a high-profile marriage of this kind should be joyfully welcomed.


  1. "A St James’s Palace spokesman said: “Catherine Middleton was confirmed by the Bishop of London at a private service at St James’s Palace attended by her family. “Catherine, who was already baptised, decided to be confirmed as part of her marriage preparations.”

    Nothing about being confirmed in the love of Our Lord.
    Was this merely a rite of passage, a formal requirement.
    Sorry. Who am I to judge.

  2. I understand that this including receiving instructions in the Christian faith.

  3. Catherine Pepinster spoke on the BBC this morning about this Confirmation in an interesting way.
    She said there would have been an annointing. Is this the case in the Anglican church?

  4. Query;
    Yes, as far as I am aware Confirmation in the Anglican Church always means anointing.

  5. Nice the Bishop of London mentioned the mystic Saint Catherine today in his Royal Wedding address. I think she is not generally known by many in the Anglican church.

  6. Thank you for displaying my reference to Saint Catherine. My enjoyment and appreciation of the Wedding ceremony would not have been appreciated elsewhere where it has become, once again, a source of intolerant bickering.

  7. "where it has become...a source of intolerant bickering" Why?

  8. Hello Father
    By "elsewhere" I meant other areas of the RC blogosphere.
    I enjoyed the Wedding service and appreciated the Bishop's address, as I feel you must have done.
    It is very sad that another Blog site with which you have had dealings so publically did not.
    Very Best Wishes.