Monday, 28 February 2011

For Anti-Christian (and Catholic) Read "Anti-Truth"

The reports ( e.g. here and see the discussion here ) about the High Court judgement against a Christian couple who are now no longer regarded as fit to foster (or presumably adopt except in very exceptional circumstances) suggest that the judiciary is now practically interpreting the law in an anti-Christian manner. To me it is also a case of going against the truth. There are more than enough professional studies showing that children fare better with both a mother and a father - that is a male and female parent. This alone shows that a homosexual relationship cannot be placed on a par with the heterosexual relationship, and in particular, the civil partnerships where adoption is now allowed cannot truthfully be compared to either a traditional father/mother relationship resulting in the "natural" birth of children or even where natural conception is not possible and the couple adopt. With regard to the quality of the loving relationship of two men or two women, the fact that the natural production of offspring is not possible, nor the same psychological benefits are available to the child where there is a mother and a father (male and female), suggests that, whatever may be said in defence of a homosexual relationship of that kind, it cannot logically be seen as equivalent. The moral argument, taken from Holy Scripture and the Tradition of the Church points very much to the truth regarding the complementarity of the sexes. No matter how blind some people wish to make themselves, the truth cannot be denied. In this case - as in all cases really - the truth is its own defence.

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