Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The BBC, Agendas, Misinformation etc etc

The picture above is of Michael Lyons, and I must admit that I know nothing about him, so please understand that what I say here is about the "BBC" as "them" since I know nothing of the motives of various individuals.
The recent "documentary" on climate sceptics (BBC 4) has caused many people to complain (though, I suspect not to the BBC - what is the point?). This is not the only recent example of obvious bias, but this article is interesting here, and the latest offering from the Sunday Morning programme is discussed by William Oddie here. I remember the problems surrounding the reporting of the "weapons of mass destruction" and the dismissal of Greg Dyke, and I am aware that we have a Catholic at the head of the BBC. However, it is clear that there are some very powerful voices against orthodox Christianity (and perhaps other forms of religion) and there is a clear pro-warmist agenda. Perhaps these two things go together. I can think of at least one candidate.
I am constantly warning my parishioners that they cannot trust the modern news media to tell the whole truth. Of course they don't, how could they? But not beeing able to present the whole truth is one thing, deliberately editing it and misrepresenting it is another. I am not alone in regarding the BBC as untrustworthy. I have a TV because I receive EWTN and like to watch some arts programmes and watch DVD's. If I could I would happily get rid of the rest (I checked that receiving live TV on the PC still needs a license!) I can see the time coming, before long, when these pleasures will have to be sacrificed.

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  1. As usual, Father I tend to agree with your posts. With regards to the point about the TV Licence, this is required for receiving all 'live' TV programmes.
    If you watch programmes via (for BBC) the IPlayer which provides access to all recent shows and the other similar facilities for other channels then you may not require a licence.
    This is a link to confirm the details for this action: so this might be the best option to provide access to EWTN and the Arts programmes without supporting the BBC.
    Just a thought!