Tuesday, 1 February 2011

BBC 4 (on Climate Change) "Meet The Sceptics" a Travesty

The BBC 4 programme aired last evening (January 31st 2011), "Meet the Sceptics" was easily the most biased report of the climate change debate I have seen. Lord Monkton was made to look a fool. Unfortunately he has had an illness which has led to protruding eyeballs. At one point it seemed obvious that the editing was focusing on this to make him look "bug-eyed" Watching the film I asked myself why he could not see what was happening, and why he was seemingly cooperating with the filmmakers by, sometimes, behaving like a madman. Reports on the Internet from others who were almost involved in this film, or who know the man responsible, suggest that Monkton was (all-too easily) fooled. He apparently tried to stop the BBC showing the film.

Those who know anything about the climate change debate know that there are about 400 scientists (some of them the top people in climate and related studies) who disagree with the IPPC and the generally accepted line on global warming. This was not mentioned in that programme. Some of the anti-"global warmist" individuals shown in the programme where either from the lunatic fringe or were just unhappily caught in a moment of eccentricity. One of the most appalling comments made by the presenter related to the age of the sceptics. Not one of the BBC's finest moments - definitely one of its very worst.

See the response here.

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