Sunday, 2 January 2011

Distorting the Truth

More and more I see the truth being twisted, distorted and even turned upside down to satisfy the agendas of others, whether it be a snide attack on those now joining the Ordinariate (e.g. the BBC Sunday programme) or using part of the truth instead of presenting an accurate and fair picture of the facts. I know I have been quoted on one web site in relation to a letter I sent to some people (how it got beyond them or outside that group is an important question) and that the whole picture has not been presented because to some people, facts are not that important. These days the Media cannot be relied upon to tell the truth, but more and more, I am finding this with individuals. Lying is endemic today, and it has to be said that where twisting the truth suits someone's political - or religio-political - ends, the absolute truth is no longer a requirement. I wonder if facts have ever really been just that. Whilst pontificating, perhaps I should check my own truth rating. However, there is one thing I am sure of; when it comes to matters of faith and spirituality I find it impossible to lie (thank God!). I have been, perhaps, naive in assuming that other Christians feel the same. How wrong can you be?


  1. I think many consciences can become atrophied if they are not examined regularly using a model of some sort. I possibly ignore certain areas, not sure really. Infact your post will encourage me to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me, areas I might be holding back from God, using self will to manage etc.

    In A.A, it is suggested that absolute honesty should be practised in all one's affairs. Apparently, for alcoholics at least, the smallest untruth is buried alive in one's subconscious mind(or is it unconscious mind, I get those two mixed up?) and will niggle at you, as it tries to rightly assert itself accusingly. In order to continue burying truth,or guilt or fear, an alcoholic may eventually end up picking up a drink which cancels out completely, guilt, fear and anger.....for a time. However, the smooth voice of temptation becomes a screaming taunt eventually, demanding more alcohol. So, to avoid this merry go round, absolute honesty is a must! Fears have to be faced, head on, daily. Alcoholics don't have a choice about honesty, not if they want to recover. Maybe that's why it's sometimes referred to as the 'blessed illness' because it forces you to truthfully seek God, as you comprehend Him.

    Non-alcoholics find it much more easy to live lives of quiet desperation. Have you ever met a quiet, desperate drunk? I thought not. Alcoholics have to change, or die. "Half measures avail us nothing."

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise, to deceive.

    Not sure if any of this fits in with what you were trying to put across Father, it's just what I began to think of, when I read your words.

  2. Thank you for this interesting and honest comment. Happy New year.

  3. Hi Father, Happy New year. Your post reminds me of what Archbishop Fulton Sheen talked about in his book ''Old errors new labels''. Within his book he speaks of the moral benders. Those who try to bend the unchangable truth of God to suit the weakness of the person. Society has a habit of focusing upon the saying: ''there is a crisis in morals'' in opposition to ''there is a crisis in the person.'' Thus they change they decide to abandon the moral to suit their weakness. Try applying that to the laws of physics and you run into a wall. A child in a math class is trying to learn the sum of 2+2=4. But he keeps coming up with the sum of 2+2=5. Is the Math teacher going to permit the child to come with the wrong some and bend the law of physics? No! rather he helps the child overcome his weakness and apply himself to the sum.

    So this is what is happening with the Lord today, people never change, they were the same at the foot of the mountain when waiting on moses and they are the same today. In our impatience and stubborness, we fail to apply ourselves to true discipline that makes us happy and we try to change it to suit our weakness.

    I've been bitten by the media once, but hopefully I've learned my lesson from sticking my hand in the dark. Ultimately when religion is under discussion within the secular media that is what one is doing, sticking their hand in the dark. The media need to create contraversy in order to make money, and one has to wonder when presenting Christ to them the words of scripture in which Christ instructs us not to throw our pearls before swine.

    I call the media world ''Judas'' because it betrays Christ time and time again for the merit of a few silver coins that are here today and thrown in the furnace tomorrow.


  4. I was sad to read your piece. it sounds as if someone has betrayed your trust. it is always something that will wound us terribly.
    I am afraid that blogging has its drawbacks.
    However, I do hope not too much damage has been done. I shall keep you in my prayers,
    Happy new Year Father,