Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Pope's Desire for Unity

The Holy Father's Christmas address to the Curia is truly outstanding, showing a clear grasp of some mistakes and tragedies of the past year as well as our reasons for hope. There is much here to ponder and pray about. I was especially impressed with his clear desire for re-unification with the East;

"Only in a spirit of compromise and mutual understanding can unity be re-established. To prepare the people for this attitude of peace is an essential task of pastoral ministry"

To understand what he means you have to read the relevant paragraph in his address. His words throughout show not only his deep pastoral sensitivity with regard to the issues he mentions but his ability to consult and to listen. We have not had him long, but he is proving to be a uniquely gifted and perceptive spiritual leader. In spite of recent criticisms (e.g. with regard to his piece for BBC radio and his book interview) there is great wisdom and humility here - both of which are needed for these times.


  1. Tradução do português para inglês
    Hail Mary!

    Actually the book / interview the Holy Father was an unfortunate amazing, completely regrettable, especially in Latin America, where the chaos we live in relation to Catholic morality, and the fruits of this book / interview was bad, see:

    And as to this proximity to the Orintas have my reservations, because the Church should not open not their tradition, so that it then be accepted by the Church of the East: but they must humble himself and submerter is the One Church of Christ!
    I advise that you put a translator in your blog, easily our reading.

    A blessed 2011.