Thursday, 2 December 2010

What Can We Do About This?

We are directed to this, (from Fr. Dwight Longeknecker) by James Preece. I still find this very hard to believe. Can all this be true? If it is, what can we do about it? Obviously the first thing to do is pray. What else can we do? A comment on Fr. Dwight's blog says "Rome is doing nothing". Well, this is because there are serious problems in Rome - and this is well understood. The mention of the laity (in reference to running parishes) brings to mind the idea that it is the lay people who will save the Church - not the "chattering classes" or the power-hungry, but the real faithful who follow the Pope. Some of them have been far too quiet, and those who have spoken out have often been crushed. Personally, I believe in the Church and, in spite of all this stuff about the bishops, I believe the Church will be renewed. There are signs of hope such as the renewal of monastic life in the U.S. and the newer associations around St. Francis. The beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman will do much good, and many are being drawn to a more genuine spirituality and want a more reverent liturgy. We need hope.

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  1. Plenty of prayer is needed. If any action will be successful in destroying evil it is always the one of prayer.

    There is a lot of ''progressivism'' being pedalled in many parishes and this influence it seems has made its journey from Doctors into the clergy and religious and is creating havoc within the community.

    It is spiritual abuse that needs to be dealt with and it does not seem to be getting dealt with. People who are within our dioceses that hold stark and dangerous views of church teaching should be investigated, censored and punished by the local Bishop. But when the Bishop himself holds the same views what else is there one can do?

    Pax Christi