Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Devastating Article about the Bishops?

I just read this article from Catholic World Report this morning. I thought it was by an American journalist but it turns out to be from someone who writes for the Catholic Herald! How much truth is there in all this? It seems to borrow very much from Damien Thompson who is often OTT. I was skeptical as I read on, but then came to some bits of truth which are actually quite significant. In the end, I think it contains some very worrying pieces of evidence suggesting that the main argument is actually sound and that there is a growing split between orthodox Catholics (and I count myself as one of those) and our bishops. Since it is strongly suggested that the orthodox Catholics are, first and formost, loyal to the Papacy, and the bishops are not, this is ultimately devastating for the Catholic Church in England and Wales which - as we have seen - cannot survive by feeding itself with the unsubstantial diet of liberalism and compromise.


  1. The Bishop's must be badly tempted by the devil. Regarding their stagnation, as mentioned in the article, It's as if they spend their whole time up on the mountain, looking down and being offered the temptations offered to Christ during his time in the wilderness. Our Lady needs to give them a wake-up call!!

    More rosaries!!

  2. Thank you for this, Father, and for the lead to the Catholic World Report.

    I hope the timeservers, nuancers, and purveyors of theological fog may remember the millstone and ponder the reward for corrupters of the little ones, old or young.

  3. Bishops need our prayers. In the area of evangelisation religious people need evangelising also.