Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Underrated Movies No.1: "Warlock"

I saw a magazine article recently on underrated movies so I thought I would compile my own (being a long-standing and time-wasting film buff). Here is my first. It's "Warlock", a western starring Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark (pictured) along with Anthony Quinn. It's been called the greatest "psychological western" ever made. There was a fashion for such films in the '50's. Some of them were dire. This one is a classic, and is beginning to aquire a following. I noticed that Amazon has upped the price of the DVD from under £5.00 to over £30.00.

What is it about? I suppose you could say "Truth". Truth seems to lie at the heart of the story, and because of this, we also have conscience and courage - two of the virtues connected with Newman. Fonda's character is tragic, Widmark's is heroic and Quinn's is obsessive. The two women characters are also deeply affected by truth; one has her illusions shattered, another is saved by finding love again - and also compassion and understanding. Strange that the town should be called "Warlock", the name for a male witch or wizard. There are certainly spiritual battles fought out here, and truth is the victor. I don't know if anyone else sees all this in this film, but I recommend a viewing if it comes up on the TV (if you still have one!). The DVD is now beyond the reach of many.

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