Monday, 4 January 2010

Vassula Ryden and the Catholic Church (and me)

On another blog I have been called the "Diocesan heretic" because I accept and support the writings of Vassula Ryden ("True Life in God"). I have been accused of trying to hide this. This is obviously not true. Another unbalanced statement is that "the Church" has told us to keep away from her. I know that this refers to the "Notification".
The picture above is from the last TLIG pilgrimage to the islands of Greece and to key holy sites connected with St. Paul. There were around 700 pilgrims from many different countries and quite a few bishops from different denominations. You can see the back of at least one Catholic bishop in the photo. We were also addressed and officially welcomed by the Orthodox Abbott of the Monastery on Patmos.
I have posted before a photograph of Vassula and the Cardinal Archbishop of Durban who has written about her on his diocesan blog. This can be accessed through the TLIG web site, here, along with other testimonies by Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican bishops.
Catholics who read and follow the writings of Vassula are not heretics, not are they being disobedient. There are links to two blogs on the right hand side, both explaining some aspects of the Catholic Church's position regarding Vassula and the status of the Notification. people are free to disagree with me - of course - and I respect that, but discusiion around this matter needs to be conducted in a spirit of mutual respect and charity not by using words like "heretic" (which is untrue anyway).
I know there is at least one large website attacking Vassula and TLIG, and I know that there are still some who argue, sometimes vigorously, that her writings are heretical, wrong, inspired by the devil etc, etc. In fact, some theologians have looked at these messages and pronounced them sound. These theologians are not "liberals" or disobedient; they are orthodox - men like Fr. Edward O'Connor who has taught at Notre Dame for a number of years. The handwriting has been assessed by Europe's leading expert and exorcists have said that, in their opinion, the writings do not come from Satan. I was in the company of a psychologist who said she was probably the sanest person he had ever met.
Those who want to, can follow the links I have provided. I also include a video of a Brazilian bishop speaking about Cardinal Ratzinger and the Notification.

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  1. I have much to say... I have been chased like game as well because of Vassula, however, I have an RCIA teacher that welcomes me to give Vassula's messages, bio, and TLIG bio to her class on Sundays. I choose Anonymous so that I can send this as fast as possible. This is in Orange County California.