Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Not Quite Global Warming

I found this interesting picture of some place in Lancashire in the snow. I think it must be from 1947, but I am old enough to remember the winter of 1962, which was much worse than the weather we are having now. I remember getting up in the morning and seeing my father at the front door digging us out. The snow had risen up to around five feet outside. That winter I walked through channels we made to the dustbins, the outside toilet and the street at the back. That was a real wonderland, walking past snowbanks and drifts that were four or five feet high, and also walking to school at the same level as the top of the dry-stone walls. This was in West Yorkshire, on the heights of Halifax.
One of the books I bought recently is another on global warming. Its' title is "Chill: A reassessment of global warming theory". The author is Peter Taylor who has been involved in just about every branch of climate science. His basic point is that the temperatures are - wait for it - going down! Not only that, like some others I've read recently, he does not believe there is any real evidence backing up the man-made C02 theory. Given that most places are now running out of rock salt or grit, I might recommend the book to nearby local authorities so that they can stock up for the future.

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