Monday, 13 April 2009

Absent for a While

I shall be absent for a while, being in Wales for three days this week, then taken up with Divine Mercy Sunday - then, in Low Week being at Ushaw College to brush up my Latin and my celebration of the 1962 Latin Mass. In the meantime, here is an extraordinary picture. You can follow it up by logging on to it is a picture of Vassula giving a talk in Los Angeles, but I think you will agree that there are two people in this picture, and the one at the front has a familiar shape!
I know the young lady who took the photo. I can assure you there is no trick involved. Some people who know about cameras were consulted - they had no explanation. There was no fault with the camera. Another point was that three people (at least) have testified that they saw "someone" in front of Vassula. Intriguing no?
Back soon.

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