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Vassula Ryden and "True Life in God"; A Reminder, or, (for those who do not know) A Presentation of Some Important Facts.

Between 2001 and 2004, Vassula had an official dialogue with the CDF. This was requested by Cardinal Ratzinger and was facilitated by Rev (now Cardinal) Prospero Grech who had worked for the Congregation of The Faith. Following this successful dialogue, the Cardinal said that Vassula's answers were "a useful clarification" and insisted that her answers be printed in the books of her writings. 

There are two things to be noted here. First of all, if it was his intention to advise Catholics not to read her writings it made no sense for him to insist (as he did) that her answers were to be found there. It is interesting that, to begin with, he insisted that they should FIRST be printed there and nowhere else! Now, of course, they have been made available in other places.
Secondly, logically, this means (and we know this was his intention) that the Notification needs to be read along with her responses to that statement. As the Cardinal said at the time, "the position has been modified"

The present situation with regard to the Catholic hierarchy is that, as with other such writings and groups, the decision to allow promotion in any diocese rests with the local ordinary. However, any truly just decision surely means that the local bishop is aware of  BOTH the Notification and her answers. 

The book, "True Life in God" has been granted a Nihil Obstat by Bishop Felix Toppo S.J. D.D. of Jamshedpur, and an Imprimatur by Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa.

The letter below was given to Vassula to be shown to any bishop who queried the situation.


10 July 2004
Prot N. 54/92-19631

As you know, this Congregation published a Notification in 1995 on the writings of Mrs. Vassula Rydén. Afterwards, and at her request, a thorough dialogue followed. At the conclusion of this dialogue, a letter of Mrs. Rydén dated 4 April 2002 was subsequently published in the latest volume of "True Life in God", in which Mrs. Rydén supplies useful clarifications regarding her marital situation, as well as some difficulties which in the aforesaid Notification were suggested towards her writings and her participation in the sacraments (cf. Attachment).
Since the aforementioned writings have enjoyed a certain diffusion in your country, this Congregation has deemed it useful to inform you of the above. Concerning the participation in the ecumenical prayer groups organised by Mrs. Rydén, the Catholic faithful should be called to follow the dispositions of the Diocesan Bishops.
In communicating to you the above, I use the occasion to assure you of my lasting and profound esteem.

Yours Emminence's/Excellency's
Most Devout
Joseph Card. Ratzinger

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