Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Sad Response from the Cardinal's office (to a letter signed by over 490 priests)

I was distressed to see the response from Westminster (The Cardinal's Office) to the letter signed by over 490 priests - of which I am one (and the first in the list, alphabetically speaking). I had no intention of causing offence of any kind to any bishop - least of all my own, I am offended at what I consider to be a needless "slap". it is my understanding that the Holy Father was asking for a frank exchange of views, but it seems that in order to do this priests must first check with their bishop. Somehow, I don't believe this is what the Pope had envisaged. I'm sorry, but this response (from the Cardinal) smacks of annoyance or embarrassment where, certainly in my case, neither was intended.

When I think of the often heterodox views I have seen coming from other priests, in publications as well as in press letters, without any form of rebuke from the hierarchy, I have to be amazed that a statement that is actually official Church teaching should draw this kind of response from the Cardinal.

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