Tuesday, 24 June 2014

"The Crypto-Lefebvrism of Rorate Caeli"

An interesting piece from the Friars of The Immaculate about "Rorate Caeli";

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  1. I have read about the situation Father---- in this case I am not sure what to think about this, but there are so many things whizzing around and at the moment I am very interested in the Third Prophecy of Fatima, which does in a way, make you wonder. Vat 11? Also all this ghastly Israel situation, which I have gone into elsewhere-- there are so many horrid goings on in the world today which we learn about from technology---Actually I am looking for your Palestinian u tube link here some time ago to send to my MP ! May St Michael and his angels bless and protect you,Our founders Lady of Mt Carmel and St Teresa and St John of the Cross

    Barbara Green