Sunday, 6 April 2014

Putin defends Christian Traditional values - and how!

I believe this man has been seriously underestimated, misjudged and vilified (especially by the Western liberal Media). I believe he is honestly speaking from the heart in this speech. Why would he put his neck on the block (with the West holding the axe) unless he believed in these things? Some people are still arguing that the conversion of Russia has not happened. I disagree with them - it is a work in progress. Watch this space.


  1. "Why would he put his neck on the block... unless he believed in these things?"
    Indeed- and if not, as a canny politician, because he knows that a great many of his people do!

  2. Thanks Father,
    I remember not too long ago Pres. Reagan calling the Soviet Union the evil empire. At the time he was right but within my lifetime it has all been switched round. Because now my country, the U.S., is indeed the evil empire. I pray for Pres. Putin because he seems to be the only world leader that can stop U.S. hegemony

  3. My impression of Russia, for some time now, is that there has been a resurgence of Christianity and that Russia is now more tolerant towards Christianity and more Christian in culture than my own country, the UK, and the EU as a whole. Putin has in no way opposed this shift back to Christianity and has probably assisted it.

    I think it is now Western Europe and our current European anti-Christian pro-Secularism leaders, that we shouild be praying to Our Lady for.

  4. If you can't see through this psychopath, you should be seriously worried.

  5. Lepanto - I think you need to watch Gerald Celente of "Trends". He has some information about who, in his opinion, the real "psychopaths" are, and Putin is not one of them.

  6. I believe we must be very careful attributing a "Christian resurgence" to Mr. Putin. Regardless of his internal feelings or convictions, Russia has a long history of tying the health and welfare of the nation (Rodina; Motherland) to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Stalin spent a decade wiping out Christianity in Russia (destroying monasteries and churches; executing priests and bishops); yet when Germany attacked the first thing Stalin did was to ask the ROC for its support. After a number of bishops and priests were released from prison and important property was returned, Sergius I, Patriarchal Locum Tenens of Moscow and All Rus', went on the radio to rally the population to fight the invader. (Stalin had not had ANY success rallying the people to fight for the Party; Sergius was able to encourage the people to fight for Rodina and the Holy Orthodox Faith.)

    In America, we talk about politicians "wrapping themselves in the Flag"; the same effect in Russia is obtained by kissing icons. In Tsarist times, Russian troops would march into battle carrying the Cross and Holy Icons at the head of their columns. Guess what Putin had his troops do when they marched into Crimea?