Monday, 3 March 2014

Cardinal Prosper Grech and Vassula (et al)

This is a review of the book "Heaven is real, but so is Hell" written by Vassula Ryden, by the theologian who helped her in her dialogue with the CDF after the Notification, following which Cardinal Ratzinger said that the position had "been modified". As has been said here and elsewhere, more than once, the Notification was not a condemnation (Cardinal Ratzinger's own words) and following the dialogue with the CDF he said that Vassula had responded well and that her answers were "useful clarifications". Again, as has been said already, all this is a matter of record. Unfortunately for reasons unknown Cardinal Levada chose to take a rather negative position about the prayer groups (whilst also making factual errors in his famous letter, suggesting a lack of knowledge or inaccurate advice). Cardinal Grech's comments are instructive. Vassula met Cardinal Bergoglio when she visited Argentina and he raised no objections to her speaking in his Archdiocese. After a final meeting with Cardinal Ratzinger Vassula was photographed with him. Until recently this photo was withheld by TLIG and Vassula to prevent any accusations of cheap publicity and out of respect for Pope Benedict. However so much nonsense is still being circulated by certain people about Vassula and because the statement of Cardinal Ratzinger (described above) has either been ignored or is unknown, this photo can now be seen.


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