Friday, 20 December 2013

Dr. Taylor Marshall's view of the controversy around the Friars of The Immaculate

I agree with Dr. Marshall here, but when you have read what he has to say, look carefully at the comments below his post. They show without a doubt that a possibly serious situation is developing in the Church. Note one person's disparaging remarks against Blessed Pope John Paul 11, described as "iffy" in terms of his orthodoxy. This is the real problem developing in the Church, not the removal of the Extraordinary Form (that cannot happen). The real problem is about unity and peace and it is not being caused by Pope Francis but by those who, on either side, see him as a threat. This has the sniff of Satan about it (as a friend of mine just more or less remarked);

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  1. 'The sniff of Satan'. Oh, Father I have been hearing Satan's opinions for many years stated in homilies in Catholic churches up and down the land. 'The Protestants are right about Mary' (on the feast of the Assumption), 'The Church is going to have to be more flexible' (re. SS 'marriage'), 'We should ordain females?', etc.etc. Unfortunately for the Church of today, people DO seek doctrinal certainty and will take it where it can be found in the Church. It is not the people's fault that this is most likely to be found where the Latin Mass is celebrated, the Rosary encouraged and Vatican II's limitations and misinterpretations admitted. It is not the people's fault, it is the Church's fault.