Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Anger, injustice, calumny, detraction, half-truths, insults and lies......how some Catholics (and others) respond on blogs and Twitter

I have recently read of a prominent Catholic woman who has been treated in a very evil manner by some people, including some Catholics. I have also just seen, on another website and on another blog, similarly insulting and unjust responses to various people and things. Some of these comments include bad language and serious insults. They are the sort of thing that previously would have landed people in court. Of course, there is a higher court. How do these things happen? This is not just "knock-about" stuff, but seriously insulting and slanderous statements and personal attacks. This seems to have got worse. Let it be said again that the word SIN applies just as much on the internet as anywhere else.


  1. Beware what you write in your Blogs and websites. St Peter will be reading them back to you one day.

    God bless.

  2. Fr.,

    Couldn’t agree more. There is no need for insulting or even ungracious talk. But there is a need these days, I think, for straight talk, something quite different.

    Sadly, there has been too much obscure (obfuscated ? ) talk over the past forty years.

    Somewhat off topic, I picked up your comments on another blog, I am delighted to learn that you say both main forms of the Catholic Mass. I personally think we must re-establish the Vetus Ordo as the co-equal form of the Catholic Mass it is, alongside the Pauline Mass. And this will come from priests like you, not, I suspect, from on high!

    Suggestion – why not move your 4.00 pm Mass, as a first stage, to say, 12.00 noon, or even 09.00 am? Early, I know, that’s the time of my (Novus Ordo) Mass.

    Yes, I know, you have other etc...