Saturday, 16 November 2013

Oliver Stone and "The Untold History of the United States"

I have been watching the DVD's of the American T.V. series named above. I have found Stone's presentation fascinating and I am sure that these films contain a great deal of truth, BUT, watching the episode dealing with Carter and Reagan, I began to get a little uncomfortable. To be honest I have not watched many of the films. In spite of attempts to give a balanced conclusion to each episode (which does not always work) there is a definite bias here, and it is no more obvious than when he is dealing with the Soviets. I have to say that I think he is very naive in his presentation at this point. On the whole I applaud his intention to present facts, but I accepted many years ago (in seminary) that here is no such thing as unbiased history just as there is no such thing (mathematics excepted) as perfect, unbiased, science.

Here is a discussion suggesting that Stone's views are not really correctly historical and that he has creatively presented the facts from a particular standpoint, even, it is suggested, working from a Soviet inspired history book. I cannot say how much of this is true, but I wanted to find something on YouTube that disagreed with Stone and his co-writer and after much searching, this is all I came up with;

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