Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Incredible stupidity! So many Anglicans just don't get it!

So, Christian unity is worth sacrificing.....for what? The world needs unity, it needs Christian unity. Christ prayed for it. In these times, evangelisation will not really flourish without it. The forces of secularism, materialism, hedonism and atheism are stronger than ever before. The United States is on the verge of a massive financial collapse and resulting civil rage. Christians across the world are being persecuted and driven from their homes and countries. In Britain Christian education is barely surviving and there are further onslaughts against orthodox Christianity in the pipeline. However, the Church of England continues on its merry way seemingly oblivious to the need for unity. Perhaps those who voted for women priests are saying, "Oh, they'll all come round in the end" Why wouldn't they say this? Look what was said about Pope Francis at the Synod.......WHAT??? Reading that I think I had a Victor Meldrew moment ("I don't believe it!"). How can anyone, male or female make such a stupid comment in such a vitally important debate. See the report below.

Surely, unless there is a retreat from this nonsense, unity with the Church of England is now impossible.

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  1. Canon Rosie Harper at Synod displays typical Anglican way of thinking in her comment of Pope Francis,that is to misinterpret ,or interpret how you like (just think how and what you like) and consequently not get it right. Of course Pope Francis loves people-a very good man- and so did Pope Benedict as shown by his genius of a loving act in erecting the Ordinariate as a means to the unity so needed.Furthermore it is possible to love someone but disagree with them because of their erroneous thinking and actions.