Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Truth about Occupied Palestine

Do you think you know the truth about Israel and Palestine? Watch this video;



  1. Father, I was answering this and it completely vanished while I was looking a date up--can I e mail you what I wrote in a research article--the link was excellent!

  2. To continue father, this is of great interest to me and I think it a dreadful carry on--why is America funding Israel and Obama waffling on about red lines when the Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed--it does relate to our faith and the Second Coming--I sometimes go to another religious group nearby for Bible study, at which they are excellent and a lovely fellowship--- but its all muddled up these days with the OT--THOUGH I guess the American Interest is oil, and before I lose this post, Britian and I think it was LLOYD GEORGE, made an idiotic speech about Palestine being a nasty old swamp just waiting to be settled when that was not the case at all--I have all the details in my notes, but can't risk getting wiped off a second time--I am not anon--Barbara Green OCDS Brighouse Parish

  3. I would also recommend watching Al Nakba--the Catastrophe, shown on Aljazeera, the link is to episode 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FML0wzJ6A and the book The General's Son by Miko Peled, who is an Israeli Jew but stopped being a Zionist and believes in peace with the Palestinians. His father was a general in the 1948 and 1967 wars. It is plain to see from recent programmes like the story of the Jews on TV, I forget the presenters name but he was jolly pleased with himself, and some friend I have who are very keen in Israel that this subject is a hot potato--though they are keen on Israel as it is to do with the Second Coming, which I have yet to get my head round! I think the Holy Land has little hope of a resolution now with Mr Netanyahu ( sorry I can't find a spell check on his name) and Ariel Sharon's views--I saw his interview on TV and
    it was clear what his intentions were. It is odd to think they make such a song and ance about it being "their" land as given by God--who can argue with such a case--but many of them are secular and don't really believe that while the Ultra Orthodox Jews--those in hats and black clothes--think something different as well. What an UNHOLY MESS!

    1. Thank you Father, I am am still pondering all this. My Bible study class has been doing Ezekial 38-9 and it is , they say, about what is happening in the Middle East today..Could you advise me whether this is the view of the RC Church. Thinking more about the matter it would seem to me that only a small portion of the world can agree that the West Bank Settlements have been "given" to the settlers there by God--that is those Jews who believe this and certainly not the secular ones,certain Chrsitian denominations and obviously not non-Christians. I suppose it could be said these settlers do believe it so they have therefore the "right" to turf the Palestinians out of their homes, but this seems very dubious morality to me. However, I was wondering about that Ezekial passage--until I went to this Bible class I knew nothing of it--or much else in the OT either. Is our church's way to study the Bible by form Criticism or, as my present class is, excellent though it is, is absolutely literal. I hope you might be able to answer some of this as I really find it difficult to find bible study.

  4. Another excellent book is An Elusive Road by Maureen Edwards of Christians Aware--a talk was given recently at Mirfield Community of the Resurrection College by Bishop Tom Butler--it was about animals in the Bible actually, of which I did a write up. However, CR have an excellent programme of talks and its ecumenical, I think my next one is about the psalms. The book I mentioned --96 pages--a very comprehensive history of the Holy Land to the present day, with short accounts of all the books in the Bible--much as I am plodding on with! Barbara