Monday, 8 July 2013

Sickening news about the new Archbishop

If this report is true from Fr. Ed Tomlinson, we can finally wave goodbye to any real progress in ecumenical relations with the Church of England (short of a miracle). I wonder if some of those young people who have been beaten up in the streets by French police will appreciate the Archbishop's apparent openness to gay marriage. What will happen, I wonder, when Catholic priests and/or bishops are eventually arrested here and in the U.S. for not allowing gay couples to be married in their churches and Catholic schools ostracized for not teaching moral equality of heterosexual and homosexual liaisons. Will the Archbishop support us? How can we possibly have anything to do with him now?


  1. Dear Fr Abberton,
    Once again, I agree with your comments but can you really see many of our fellow Catholics actually refusing to obey the 'law'. The majority of the laity will simply roll over when this becomes law, and teachers unfortunately will comply rather than put their careers at risk particularly when most pupils in our schools are either non-catholic or non-practising Catholics.
    I can make no comment about the Bishops and priests but how many will be willing to risk jail for refusing to comply? I don't know.

    How many refused the Oath of Allegiance and what was to follow in the 16th century and thereafter?

  2. Like the Prime Minister he went to Eton. I wonder if they have much of that sort of thing there.

  3. With respect Father; Ed Tomlinson is hardly known for his accurate or dispassionate reporting on anglican matters. The ABC has repeatedly and unequivocally spoken out against Gay Marriage in the strongest terms. This has not changed. What he has sought to address is the attitudes prevalent in the Church towards gay people, some of which are certainly not of the Kingdom. This can only be a good thing. His inviting of Stonewall into schools is, in my opinion, misinformed and a rather shallow attempt to appease. But that is an entirely different matter.

  4. Thank you "Anonymous" for this correction and warning.