Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Margaret (Baroness) Thatcher RIP. An extraordinary and deeply flawed woman.

This is from Telegraph online; a very brief appraisal by the biographer of Margaret Thatcher.

I have a particular memory of Margaret Thatcher's downfall (when she was ousted from Number 10). I was on my way back from a funeral. I was in the hearse with the funeral director and two others coming back from Hull Crematorium. The driver flicked on the radio and we immediately heard the news that she had resigned. We all cheered like mad fools at a party. Since then I have often wondered if anyone saw these mad men in a hearse whooping it up. Baroness Thatcher was certainly an extraordinary woman and will be an important presence in the history of Britain until there is no Britain. She was a sincere woman- a person of strong convictions, but she was sometimes VERY wrong. She believed in herself too much but this may be partly due to the weak men surrounding her at her worst. Some of those who could have stopped her making awful mistakes either did not try or were too tired and ill to do more than they did. In the end, men of integrity resigned. This must have been a tremendous blow to her self-esteem. She had denigrated those who did not share her views, showing them, in the end, little respect. This was finally her undoing.

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