Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The New Pope. The attacks have already begun.

I have seen on two Catholic blogs and on one email that there are voices already moaning about the new Pope - yes, incredible though it may seem. According to one blog the Pope is a "modernist" and not to be trusted because he is a Jesuit and this means he cannot be an orthodox Catholic (!). He has accepted blessings from Protestants (the world will surely end!) and has not done this and that (he has in fact...on abortion and gay marriage)....He is supposed to be an enemy of the Traditional Rite and has stopped priests wearing cassocks (is this a serious criticism?). On an email someone began with...."beware, the false prophet!!!".

Well, it looks like he has his work cut out doesn't it? No sooner has he asked for prayers than he has (from some) received rotten tomatoes. Well, here we go. I for one submit to him as my father in Christ and I look forward to the next phase in the life of Christ's Church. I wear my cassock a good deal and I have not the slightest fear that he is going to ask me to stop wearing it. God bless the Pope!


  1. Amen Father- the attack will continue regardless! People fight a Spirit that they can not grasp or understand..sadly. Our faith remains in He who continues to "breathe" life into our Church and has sustained it throughout history and numerous "scandals". We must come together and continue to trust in the Divine Providence of our Lord and the Shepard He appoints to lead us. Let the attack not sway us from holding together steadfast in prayer, with hope, and strong faith.

  2. I am shocked by the criticism of Our Holy Father.

  3. If he were not a good person he would not be criticised! The powers of hell are unlikely to let a good man pass without unjustified criticism.