Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The BBC is at it again, so why bother with it?

I read on another blog that the BBC is continuing to display its apparently "institutional" (my word) anti-Catholicism. Well, what should we expect? I no longer watch the TV (thank God!). I listen, every morning, to the BBC 4 News, which usually means having to put up with people whose names I shall not mention. I also switch on to the Sunday Program when eating breakfast on Sunday morning. Usually I switch off  after about 10 minutes. Now and then, I can stand more of it. My question is, "Why bother with the BBC at all?" I can live without it (and I am certainly glad that I do not pay the licence fee - or that the Parish does not pay it for me). I can get most of the headline news from the internet. If I have to use the BBC at all it is only rarely. Catholics (and I dare say some other Christians) will complain about the BBC but then do nothing (sorry, letters to THEM don't work). The obvious thing to do is to switch off. I have often thought of starting a campaign against the BBC but of course the BBC would get hold of it and categorize me as "the conservative Catholic Parish Priest of Heckmondwike is attempting to set up a campaign against the BBC" (I could imagine Humphries (sorry) smirking). Maybe they would set up a jokey interview with me in which they would attempt to make me seem a complete nutter. I have already given enough evidence for that so why should I stick my  neck out any further? Why bother with arguments that are only going to be trashed in the ears and eyes of millions of listeners and viewers, why not just SWITCH OFF?
(By the way the gentleman above is Edward Stourton the "Catholic" presenter of the Sunday Program)


  1. Just listening to radio 4 5pm news and Ed Staunton in Rome and it really makes me want to spit. Same old rubbish again and again from someone who has some grip or other with the Church. Can they not just once get an authentic Catholic on the tv or radio.

  2. Quite right Father. My wife and I have never had a television since we married fourteen years ago, and we've never missed it. I'm very glad too that our children are not being subjected to its immoral violation of the home.

  3. " Edward Stourton the "Catholic" presenter of the Sunday Program"

    Divorced and remarried according to Wikipedia. This might go some way towards explaining an apparent animus against the Church.

  4. I already have ditched my TV... some time ago, Deo gratias.

    I used to sleep with the radio on all night (a habit picked up from many years of serious ill-health and chronic pain.) A few years back, I realised that I was always waking up in a foul mood on a Sunday. Gradually it dawned on me that I was hearing the Sunday programme just as I was starting to wake up... and the biased reporting (at best) and misinformation would make me angry.

    I no longer leave the radio on...