Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fr. Z on the Cardinals' top priority and what is missing

Fr, Zulsdorf  (here) tells us that some Cardinals have admitted that the sex-abuse scandals are at the top of their list of things to be dealt with by a new Pope, but something is missing. Before I tell you what that is (if you have not already guessed from my previous posts on this problem) I want to remind us of something that was very important to Pope Benedict, namely that there should be more exorcists in the Church. If memory serves he said there should be two in each diocese. Many bishops throughout the world have ignored the former Pope's appeals in this matter. There are countries where it is almost impossible to find an experienced exorcist. I know because I am receiving emails from people in other places begging me for help. Germany in particular is in great need of exorcists as is Norway. Until recently there were not enough in the United States. I understand that the number has been increased. As far as I know there is only one exorcist in Denmark. I know him and he is a very good man, but very busy with other things. I don't know about France, but I was told a couple of years ago by a well-known priest in Ireland that there are hardly any there    (this with all their recent problems!). I might also mention Mexico (I have first-hand knowledge of this also). I am sure there are other places. I know some bishops in my own country have failed to appoint an exorcist and we do not have enough even if we had one in each diocese!

I mention all this because this is a priority, and if we are talking about sex abuse (clergy or lay) we might remember what the late Fr. Rufus Pereia said a few years ago, "if child abuse is not a sign of the presence of evil in the world, I don't know what is!". Catholics are slow to learn about some spiritual realities perhaps because so many of us have now become skeptical about miracles, mysticism and spiritual experiences. We have been so brainwashed by the impoverished psychology of the 1970s and 80s (and perhaps even later) and so afraid of making mistakes in this area that we shun it and put it all down to mental disturbance. meanwhile people are suffering from real - very real - spiritual problems that require specialist help FROM WITHIN THE CHURCH!

To my mind there is no point in continually going on about sexual abuse without considering the activity of satan and fallen angels (demons). There are spirits who deal in sexual abuse and they must be dealt with. This and other serious problems (such as certain forms of addiction such as pornography and other things) and a whole host of other spiritual and emotional conditions are often, at least partly, due to the activity of demons. If Cardinals are going to make child-abuse scandals a priority they also need to face up to the reality of spiritual warfare and read again the warnings of the Apostles. We are not just dealing with material enemies whether outside or inside the Church. It is time to wake up!


  1. Some years ago - before the recent scandals - the number of exorcists in Dublin was increased from one to four.

  2. Father, I meant to add....Excellent post, as usual, on a subject dear to my own heart. Too many have forgotten that we are up against principalities and powers. Perhaps the father of lies has blinded us to the reality of his existence. I wrote a post some time ago on the subject

  3. Thanks Father. More needs to be said on this matter. Please God we will have a Pope who will know of Benedict's concerns in this area and be able to insist that bishops play their part.

  4. Herbert from Switzerland5 March 2013 at 04:10

    Thanks Fr. John.. Yes, you are so right.. The situation in Switzerland is also very sad.. Jesus Christ casted out demons and
    Healed the Sick.. Curch has got to find back to Its "Origin".. Love, Faith and Unity.. but also to its real Mission: casting out bad spirits and Healing the sick... otherwise people will run to things or persons who brings them in even worse status! ... Let'spray, that the Church realises the urgency of that topic...

  5. Hear, hear! As per my previous post, the effects of abuse situations are so immense, this is one of the ways the Church can be supportive to both victims and perpetrators, who will both probably require deliverance before healing can even begin.