Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Homosexuality, The Catholic Church and the Media

Like many I have been following the reports of a worsening scandal in the Vatican and elsewhere in the Church connected with homosexual bishops, priests and groups. However, it seems that the Western Media is reluctant to report anything negative about homosexuals, rather the "scandals" as seen by the pro-gay media is that the Church is wrong, hypocritical and backward in its teaching on sexuality. So it is not the fault of anyone who is homosexual in the Church hierarchy or in a position of influence in the Vatican....no, all such people are seen to be without blame. It is the teaching of the Catholic Church, especially expressed by "conservative" Popes etc that is the main problem......Well, we should have known shouldn't we, especially since the U.S. Media (accepted by the American hierarchy on the whole) refused to mention that the majority of cases in the abusive priests scandal involved homosexual clergy? Nowadays to be a homosexual is to be close to a kind of secular canonization and in the Church (in some quarters at least) it is not only accepted but patronizingly celebrated. No doubt some people reading this will think "homophobia" but if they do, they will be wrong on more than one count, firstly because the word is wrong anyway, secondly because I am not afraid of homosexuality. To speak against homosexuality is now regarded as a hate crime, and in some places there is now no defence. Simply to state an opinion in line with Church and Scripture is to be regarded as "hateful". This, of course, is a lie and everyone knows it, but we are living in a civilization which creates its own truth. The real truth is a threat, and those who dare to speak it are now in danger.


  1. Father you are quite right. I sense the secular world is increasingly uncomfortable with true diversity while celebrating their own skewed diversity. They want no criticism, they demand approbation and the say those that differ are intolerant. Behind it all is the constant battle between good and evil. I was shocked that Catholic Voices(Vallero?) praised homosexual Catholic clergy who do a good job - they should never been allowed entry to priesthood with a deep seated tendency (Vatican guidance states this). I work with homosexuals and lesbians in my work place and hope I am as kind to them as others but I would not state or indicate approval of their lifestyle choice. We have the right to choose Christ even if others have sunk to "fair is foul and foul is fair" ( the three witches - Macbeth.

  2. Once again Father, you continue to proclaim the Truth.
    It seems that anything that ‘offends’ someone, will soon be deemed to be hateful.
    The general populace have become so sensitive to everything, that to be denied some positive affirmation for our actions will soon be considered unlawful.
    Our education system, including our Catholic schools, has shown signs of this over-concern with self-esteem so that errors and mistakes should be glossed over rather than corrected and improved. Only positive comments can be made.
    Another mantra used within parts of the Church that “God loves you and nothing else matters” likewise leads us into a decline in our Faith.

    Our Lady when She appeared at Garabandal specifically stated that 'Many Cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them'. I am sure similar warnings from Our Lady have been made at other times and occasions as well

    This latest report for Pope Benedict, from what is being speculated by investigative journalists and published by the Italian press, seems to allude to some homosexual cabal in the Vatican. One source close to the Vatican speculates that this report may well include not a negative list of those involved but ONLY a positive list of those who can be trusted.
    If so, then the new Pope will have this list to start with and should he wish to deal with the problem, all options are open,
    Was it not Pope Paul VI who said that 'The Smoke of Satan has even infiltrated the Vatican' and if true, it is now becoming increasingly evident in our days?
    Are the accusers of Cardinal O'Brien of a similar disposition?
    We can be assured though that Our Blessed Lord will be with us until the end of time and the gates of hell will not prevail.