Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Pope's Motu Proprio

Here is an excellent discussion of the Pope's Motu Proprio from "A Reluctant Sinner" and below is Michael Voris' presentation. Voris sometimes seems OTT but lately I have found that his presentations are not only accurate but well-expressed. Perhaps I am just getting older and less "tolerant" or maybe the truth is becoming clearer and more urgent. Voris' recent videos have been excellent because they have contained Truth and we need this so much today that I cannot find words to express myself adequately. Enough is enough; Truth, Truth, Truth!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Fr Abberton,
    Once again the information contained in your Blog leads to the truth and you must be applauded.
    The article pointed out and the actual Motu Proprio indicated are illuminating and educative.
    I have had misgivings about certain charities and their support by the Bishops and many priests so at last some further recognition of the problem is forthcoming.
    Will anyone take notice? We can but hope they do (eventually).
    Please continue to draw these issues to our attention Father.
    God less you.