Thursday, 29 November 2012

It is time to speak the truth about Catholic-Anglican relations

I borrow this post from Fr. Finegan. I have said something similar elsewhere. As much as I continue to respect my Anglican brothers and sisters, the sad fact is that the ordination of women priests and the ordination of female bishops (already a fact elsewhere in the world - and look at the impact of it in U.S.) has increased the distance between us. Vatican 11 created the phrase "separated brethren", the extent of the separation between Catholics and Anglicans has not just widened, it has become like something on another planet (however near that may be).


  1. Please excuse a small correction. The term "separated brethren" did not arrive with Vatican 2 - witness its use in the Prayer (to Our Lady) for England.

  2. You are right Patricius. I knew it when I wrote it...that is to say, I was unable to remember where it was!