Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fr. Geoffrey Kirk (of "Forward in Faith") received into full communion through the Ordinariate

Fr. Geoffrey Kirk, one of the foremost voices of the Anglo-Catholic Movement ("Forward in faith") has been received into full communion with the See of Peter through the Ordinariate. Read about it here (includes a very interesting and important article he wrote about the state of things Anglican)


  1. Thank you, Father, for linking across to our group's blog.

    So that your readers continue to find the page to which you referred, here is an updated link :


    We now have a new post up on our blog, talking about the newly approved Ordinariate rites for marriage and burial, which is what your readers will find if they click on the link in your original post.

    Thank you again for the "plug". We will install a link to your blog on the sidebar of ours.