Sunday, 15 July 2012

The blinding hypocrisy of the government, the law and (some of ) the medical profession

The fuss about this scandal (of doctors pre-signing permissions for abortions) is hypocrisy gone mad. If it is understood that the fetus below a certain number of weeks is not to be regarded as a human being, why shouldn't doctors sign in advance to get rid of it if that's what the "mother" wants? If it is no more than a surgical procedure, why shouldn't it be allowed? If abortion is now a routine operation why bother about the two signiatures etc? Is this just about infringement of a minor regulation? What is all the fuss about if what is removed from the womb is nothing more than bits and pieces and a collection of cells?

BUT, perhaps the reaction in the press and the Government is really about recognising that something bad is involved in abortion - something so serious that it really does require a kind of formal compliance ( a sharing of "sin"?). Perhaps abortion is not entirely good and this is why it has to be controlled. Why control it at all if it is just another medical procedure? If those doctors are prosecuted what will it say...that they have infringed a regulation? Or will it actually testify to the natural disgust most people still have about abortions? Let's see.

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