Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Was Shakespeare Catholic? Watch this very moving scene from "Macbeth" with the great Judie Dench

"What's done, cannot be undone"....but it can be forgiven. Lady Macbeth in the grip of an overpowering guilt that can only be healed by God. An old Carmelite priest once told me that "Macbeth" is about the tragedy of Mortal Sin. Her "confession" is given in the darkness of sleep because awake she cannot bring herself to speak of it. The subconscious betrays her stubborn refusal to seek the forgiveness of the confessional.... The danger of such a great sin (murder from a position of power) is clearly evident. As Queen and as a woman she has locked herself into a prison she cannot escape and it turns into madness. Perhaps God took pity on her in the end. On the other hand is she committing the final sin of despair? A tormented soul indeed but shut out from grace by her own refusal to face the truth?

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