Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pledge your loyalty to the Pope - Semper Fidelis International

This initiative comes from the recent Eucharistic Congress. Something like this has happened before, but these days we need to reaffirm our loyalty to the successor of Peter whenever the truth has been substantially challenged or the Pope has been attacked. This is happening so often now that it makes the last decades of the 20th Century look reasonably quiet by comparison. of course, most of the worst attacks are coming through the Internet, but there are plenty of rebellious souls (and confused souls) around, and the dreadful scandals have revealed an underlying attitude of apostasy and a deep tendency to selfishness in different parts of the R.C. Church. Read the information and sign the pledge of loyalty (here)

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, Father, we all need to support the Pope across the board as he is bringing the source of light to the world.
    Unlike all the fuss over the Olympic torch in this country currently, the light of Christ can never be extinguished and needs to be made visible everywhere.
    I have signed up to this support and will pass this on to other parties who may well wish to do likewise.