Friday, 8 June 2012

Here's a new blog worth grabbing - If you are interested in Shakespeare's Catholicism


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  1. Thank you for this link. I often come to think of poets and writers in general as trapeze artists between evil and goodness, like Rimbaud who wrote beautifully and about Hell while living it, or Bernanos who saw himself as 'between the radiant and the dark angel,' and was looking at both of these extremes 'with a mad hunger for the absolute.', Dostojevskij squandered away all his money on gambling, while trying to depict absolute goodness in man - for if they are Catholic or Orthodox they most often than not are wretched, like Villon, writing about prostitutes and a beautiful poem to Our Lady, Villon himself a thief and a vagabond ... I wonder what plan God had in mind in bestowing on these poor wretches the sublime gift of the word?