Monday, 25 June 2012

Did all this start with the Church of England's allowance of contraception?

I think this is an important question. Is it possible that in opening the door to that, they prepared the way for this? By "this", I am not just referring to disagreements over gay "marriage" but disagreement in serious matters leading to a further erosion of internal unity. I am deeply puzzled that those who claim to follow Christ cannot see that damaging the unity of their "communion" and actually taking part in wrecking their chances of unity with the Roman Catholics and Orthodox is fundamentally anti-Christian. No liberal reading of Holy Scripture can dismiss Christ's prayer for unity. It is profound and, we might say, from the heart - the heart of Christ. The compromise with secular society, trying to keep in step with "man" instead of with God (or man as informed by God) has brought Anglicans to the edge. Some appear to be looking over believing they can fly. The end is not far off now.

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  1. It is the old age problem Father, that the general way of thinking is limited only to the immediate effect. The process of thinking things through and thoroughly is something we do not do. This is a problem for everyone but especially for those is authority and leadership.
    There is a book I have just started to read by an American author called Ross Douthat called "Bad Religion" which seeks to explain the decline in religious thought and action in the second half of the last century in America.
    The parallels can be seen also in this country and Europe where people within the Church have sought an understanding of our place the world instead of the place of the world in God's perspective.
    This has allowed the laissez-faire attitude within Christ’s Followers to obtain such a hold on our thinking that we no longer see the Truth in the Church.
    As you have said on occasions, we can only change things as individuals by prayer and fasting and reflecting on the history of our Faith by studying Scripture and the lives of the Saints.
    Your insights once again are very thought-provoking.