Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hitler's Children - BBC Documentary

Trumpeters sounding a fanfare at a meeting of the Hitler Youth in Goslar, Germany. 

This evening I watched the BBC TV documentary, "Hitler's Children". In fact it is the story of how five descendants of some key figures in the Third Reich have struggled to come to terms with their past. For British viewers at least, it will be possible to see it on BBC1 or Replay. I would urge anyone who can to watch it. Anyone who cares about Europe or Germany - or indeed the future - should watch it. I found it very moving.


  1. I meant to watch this last night, but my Dad had just come out of hospital earlier in the evening so was busy getting him settled in (thank you for your prayers!). I will try and watch it on catch-up today. I'll tell my dad you recommended it and that will encourage him to watch it then (as with most men he does like control of the remote)!

  2. I saw it father and was very impressed. I do not think evil is passed on, it is all to do with your environment and your upbringing, fortunately by the time it got to the third generation of grandchildren they could be more objective. We can't be blamed for our families misdeeds, and if we are brought up without warmth, it can be detrimental but not always catastrophic. Good job Hitler didnt have any children anyway! I was sorry that soem of the children felt guilty, they had no need to apologise, it was not their fault.

  3. I agree -- it was very moving, and leaves you with much to think about. I only just got to see it, but I'm glad I did.