Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's that old Global Warming thing again, folks - or is it?

Here is a very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about that elusive "warming" Be sure to watch the video.


  1. More false prophets.say no more

  2. I would describe myself as an 'agnostic' on this issue. I simply don't know enough about the issue. But I believe with all my heart that the Word of God demands that we respect God's Creation, eg, the two accounts of creation in Genesis, Psalm 103 (104) which we pray in the Office of Readings on the second Sunday of the four-week cycle, the Canticle of the Three Young Men which we pray in Morning Prayer on the first Sunday of the four-week cycle and on solemnities and feast days.

    Here in the Philippines the destruction of the virgin forests has led to some awful tragedies, eg, the flash floods in Ormoc City in November 1991 that killed around 6,000 people, and the seas have been over-fished. This isn't global warming but it is a refusal, for reasons bad and good - many struggling to survive can think only of the next meal - to respect what God has given us.

    The interview on the video would have been more effective had the interviewer been a little less 'smarmy' and a little more serious in his approach. The interviewer came across to some degree as a propagandist. The scientist came across as a person searching for the truth.

  3. Fr. Sean, I am also an "agnostic" in this and I agree with you regarding the environment. I am in conversation with my brother (who is an atheist) on this and he is sending me some interesting links. He believes the whole thing and is quite dramatic about it. In the end he may be right, but at the moment I am skeptical - for more than one reason.