Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vassula and the Churches

Sorry to post this here, again, but the blog "Catholic Light" has hosted comments which are factually incorrect. This is my reply (I was not allowed to post it)

The Congregation DID NOT condemn the messages. Cardinal Ratzinger said that her answers to the Notification provided "useful clarifications". He also said - as a matter of record - that when asked, the Congregation would say, "the position has been modified". Ratzinger, in an interview in "30 Days" said that the Notification was not a condemnation but a "warning", but this warning, to be understood correctly, must now be read alongside Vassula's answers, which HE INSISTED should first of all be printed in her books. There is more - for example, the dialogue between Card. Ratzinger and the lay theologian Dr. Neils Hvidt. Neils wrote a book on prophecy to which Card. Ratzinger wrote the foreword. In the book there is a discussion about Vassula. The Cardinal knew this when he wrote that introduction. people sometimes only have half or even less of the whole picture.


  1. I have posted a comment here:

    It's there at the moment so I hope they leave it up. It only seems fair.

    Copied below:

    I am not a reader of Vassula's writings and am moderately curious about the considerable variety of opinions about her and other (apparent)mystics.
    But I would find your post here much more credible as a source of information, IF you hadn't declined to publish Fr John Abberton's comment in which he attempts to correct what he believes are some factual inaccuracies in your criticism.
    What does the truth have to fear?
    You can read his response here:

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    1. I think it's a terrible shame when people only allow comments that further their argument. I allow anyone to comment on my blog, as long as there are no obscenities posted, I will continue to let people disagree with me. Heck, I disagree with myself at least twice a week!

      I have posted some lesser known views of the Pope's on my blog. I was so pleased to discover them, as they fit in with my approach to non-Catholics in general and I was worried I was becoming anti-Catholic!

      I like Vassula. I have listened on and off, to her words for over two decades.

  3. It turns out that it was not the blog owner who did this, but the host site. it recognised my name and then forbade me to post. When I logged on with my Google account the problem was solved