Thursday, 5 January 2012

This man is annoying some people - and he needs our prayers

This is Senator Rick Santorum who is running for Republican candidacy in preparation for the next Presidential Election. He is Catholic and Pro-Life and believes in the traditional family. The U.S. needs him and perhaps the whole free world needs him. He needs our prayers. Here is a speech he gave at the FRC (Family Research Conference)


  1. A Rosary a day between now and November.

  2. I will support that father, with this reservation. I came from a " nice " local family, with a married mother and father and all looked tickertiboo. I have to say that I had the most miserable of childhoods with these two respectable and reputable parents, my father had a good job and my mother was a pillar of the Anglican Church--and she made an almighty row every Sunday after attending Church--All Souls, now demolished. Nothing was ostensibly awry with our situation, but frankly I would rather have had a little unconventiality along the way and some Love--which everyone mentions as being important--these days. I hesitate to say it was abusive, but neither I , nor my sister, have pleasant memories. Fortunately we had a wonderful loving and slightly batty grandmother! This is just to say, really, that the ideal family is not always ideal.


  3. There is a vile campaign , more of a witch hunt which is dragging his name through the muck all because he speaks some truth regarding abortion and against those who want to distort marriage .Surprise , surprise the guardian is at the forefront (hate filled journalism):

    The Daily Record the other day called him a 'fundamentalist catholic' , what does this mean, there's no such thing ?Mentioned his opposition to abortion and 'gay rights' as if was something to be ashamed of !